Most Beautiful Wedding Dresses 2014

Buying a wedding dress can be one of the best and one of the worst parts of planning a wedding. On average, a bride will try on nearly 20 gowns before finding the perfect wedding dress, and of course she’ll look at many, many more. Our tips and tricks can help you maybe decide which ones are best to try on first.

2013 wedding dresses

Beautiful Wedding Dresses

Try on a variety of dresses. A completely different style just might surprise you!. Clip pictures from bridal magazines and shop online first. Find wedding dresses that have features that you like and begin to form an image in your mind of what you might like: for example, if you narrow down the neckline, length and amount of beading before you set out to the stores, and you’ll be able to limit your selection to dresses that meet your needs. If you’re shopping at a bridal store, bring along a friend whose opinion you trust. Include your mother if appropriate. Bring the same size heel you expect to wear at the wedding.

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Don’t skip looking checking out “on-the-rack” stores, outlet stores or trunk shows. You could find the dress of your dreams and save a boatload of money. Take home a fabric swatch to match with your shoes, veil and accessories. Carry it with you in a baggy in your purse so you’ve always got it on hand. You never know when it might come in handy.

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